Driver to talk to m5stack device over USB?

  • Hello, sorry for the newbie question. I would like to write a custom terminal to listen to/control an m5stack device with Python. The m5stack device is just printing data to the terminal in a simple loop; I can read it easily with the UIflow terminal or the serial port listener in m5burner.

    But when I read the same serial port in my Python program, I just get strange binary data. Is it encrypted somehow with the API key for the device? I am using 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, XONXOFF is true. Do I need a special driver and if so which one?

  • @bergkatse Are you sure you have the correct baud settings in the python program?
    Garbage or encrypted is a sign of incorrect baud setting.
    Just because it works in UIFlow means that UIFLOW/M5Burner are set. up to communicate correctly, only programs need manual config of the baud/communication setting.

    BTW: All drivers are found on the M5Stack website under the software development page.

  • Good thought, that solved the problem! Atom Lite works fine at 115200. Thanks!