PORT C with Core2 + M5GO Battery Bottom2 : 5V UART OK ?

  • Hi there

    I've a Core2 with a M5GO Battery Bottom2 which exposes Serial2 (pin 13 and 14) on PORTC as well with 5V and GND. This is great to connect to a 5V UART module but I can't find in the specifications if the Rx pin on PORTC is OK with 5V

    I google searched this but could not find any suitable M5Stack blessed documentation.
    Any clue ?


  • Hello @jmarduino

    RX and TX on Port C are directly connected to ESP32 GPIO13 and GPIO14 and therefore 3.3 V only. Bottom2 schematics is here.


  • The Core2 with the M5GO Battery Bottom2 is a sweet combo! As for the Rx pin on PORTC, it's essential to check the specs to be sure about that 5V compatibility.