UI design on IOS with uiflow 2.0

  • Hi,

    I cannot use the UI design part of uiflow 2.0 (alpha 20) on IOS, while I can do it without any problem with uiflow 1, or uiflow 2.0 on OSX:

    It is impossible to create any design element/field on the screen view for the CoreS3

    Does anyone has a hint, or is it a functionnality not yet implemented

  • Are you using the default web browser in IOS?

  • Yes I am using Safari on IOS, but I also tried other web browser and with all, it was not possible to create any objet on the UI view of the CoreS3 through the webpage of uiflow 2.0 alpha 20 with latest IOS and Safari on iPad…

    On uiflow 1 everything work well on IOS, so I think that is is some coding problem of the webpage of uiflow 2.0