Cannot Upload UIFlow 2.0 beta 14 to new CoreS3: "Error - Invalid Chip" !!!

  • on a new CoreS3, after 3 seconds press on restart button, and after getting green light shortly, with M5Burner 3.0, I then try to upload UIFlow 2.0 beta 14 (or beta 13) dedicated to the CoreS3, and I get a message "Error - Invalid Chip"

    Does someone else also encounter that problem?

    Is the CoreS3 defective (despite the demo app works good...)

    I get report from CoreS3 Touch Panel Hot-Fix firmware below:

    M5CoreS3 TP FW Information
    regA1 Lib Version: 0x3008
    regA3 ChipVendorID: 0x64
    regA6 Firmware ID : 0x05
    regA8 CTPMVendorID: 0x02

    Thanks for feedback


  • You need to erase the firmware first before burning.
    Please don’t double post