Error: "BalaC maybe not connect"

  • Hello,

    I just receivedd a BalaC Plus Kit. I'm trying to program the StickC Plus from the package it in UIFlow, and I'm getting the error message: "BalaC maybe not connect".

    I already have another StickC and StickC Plus. But they seem to work correctly.

    Any hints on how to debug the issue? Is it possible that the new StickC Plus is somehow borken? Or maybe it's a newer hardware revision, and somehow not compatible w/ the BalaC lib from UIFlow?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I think the unit is defective. Interesting, because other things work: display, program w/ UI Flow, etc.

    I tried several M5Stick, M5StickPlus, M5StickPlus 1.1. They all work. Only the initial M5StickPlus 1.1 has this issue. And BTW, it behaves similarly when connected to a servo HAT.