Vibration Motor Question

  • Hi

    I just boght a M5Stack Vibration Motor Unit and was wondering why there is so few Information about it available.

    In one of the Community Threads is a Link to a schematic, which is not working ...

    and i tried to run the motor of an different MCU. 5V and GND and some PWM Signal on the yellow Cable. all good so far, motor is running, but taking 2.5 Amps of my Power Supply?

    12.5 Watts?
    Is this OK?

    best regards Claudio

  • Just hooked up the vibration motor to M5Core and had the same problems as you had ... The vibration motor went up to > 1 Amp and the M5Core went into brownout ...

    I think the M5Stack Vibration Motor N20 uses the same schematic as the M5Stack N20 Propeller Unit ...

    ...i think the M5 Stack team screwed up with the resistors used for the control of the AO3400A mosfet :
    R2 as a pull down resistor should be 10k Ohm instead of 51k Ohm !
    R1 as a current limiting resistor schould be 200 Ohm - 1K Ohm

  • The Vcc on the "Grove" interface is actually stepped up from the 3.3V supply by a tiny SGM6603 chip (on a StickC-Plus). This chip can only supply about 1A, 1.5 absolute max. So this peripheral may or may not be suitable for all M5 devices.