Operational Temperature Range M5Stamp ESP32S3

  • You guys came so close to making a prefect product with the M5Stamp ESP32S3.
    Though there are some things that IMHO made no sense.
    #1) The button on top. I would lean toward useless, or at the very least tied to reset.
    I would rather see it removed, use the money you saved on the button, and put it towards getting a lower temp range.

    #2) By rating this for 0 Deg. C. You just limited yourself to indoor applications only!
    Whatever part is in there that is the limiting factor, replace it with something else.

    Also, when checking out you should add options for including 2.54mm or 1.27mm headers.
    The ones we bought came with the 4 pin & the 2.54mm headers. Both of which we will never use.