Zigbee unit - examples and Micropython support

  • Hi Folks,

    Just thought I'd try using UIFlow 2.0 with my Atom S3 before I go down the Arduino rabbit hole.

    I noticed in the configuration panel on the left, it only had Pa.HUB, ENV, ENVII and ENVIII, not the Zigbee unit with the blue grove plug. So I might assume this unit is not supported in UIFlow 2 ?

    I tried using the UART and got as far as:

    from hardware import *
    uart0 = UART(0, baudrate=38400, bits=8, parity=None, stop=1, tx=2, rx=1)
    while True:
        if uart0.any():
            print("\nFound Data:", end="")
            print(".", end="")

    But given how proprietary the CC2630 is, I expect that's as far as I'm going to get.

    I found these examples here in C:

    .. which do not show how to pair sensor and read data from them. Has anyone got examples of how to do this with the UART interface ?

  • Hi @Exie, have you managed to talk to the Zigbee unit through UART or managed to comprehend the example code given by M5Stack?