Core2 Screen Blank - 5March2023

  • I have two new M5StackCore2 devices; and the screen has gone blank on one unit after I loaded the Demo program.

    I was able to use M5Burner to burn UIFlow_Core2 and to try some simple UI_Flow blockly programs successfully. I was able to program ButtonA and ButtonB to show different messages on the screen.

    I tried to download the demo program and my Core2 screen went blank.

    I have tried the following fixes unsuccessfully:

    • used M5Burner to erase flash and burn a new copy of UIFlow_Core2
    • used M5Burner to erase flash and load Core2FactoryTest (I read on the forum that can be a problem)
    • used M5Burner to load M5Core2TouchPanelRecovery (my screen was blank, so I had to blindly use the power button to go through the two selections to write new model FW)

    At this point I can write small blockly test programs that use Button A and Button B to cycle the vibrator on and off - which seems to imply everything else is working. However if I add a simple block to write a single label to the screen, I see nothing on the display (and the button test code will stop working to use Button A/B to cycle the vibrator).