m5go World Clock Problem

  • Hello

    I am trying to create a world clock on the m5go. But if I want to display several times at once, an error comes up after a few seconds because the m5go is overloaded. Is there a solution to this probelm?


  • Hi,
    your question reads like "my car will not start, what shall I do?". The standard answer to that question is "buy a new car" even if the solution would be as easy as "turn the key" or "fill some gasoline".
    From your description we know you want to have a world clock and you have a m5go. What is missing:

    • The environment you use to code your clock
    • Your code which seems to be the problem
    • the exact error message or a picture of what you call "overloaded"

    please read this post first: https://forum.m5stack.com/topic/535/forum-rules-read-this-first-before-posting

  • What exactly is the issue?
    What hardware are you using?
    What error messages are you getting?
    What code are you using?
    What have you tried to fix the issue?