• Hello,
    what are the connectors to be used for the side ports and the lower port (the orange one W/ the rs485) of the M5 stack station?
    I don't mean the code in you store, I mean what standard/ID are these connectors, I need to get them off digikey.

    thanks! :-)

  • https://shop.m5stack.com/products/4pin-buckled-grove-cable:
    Cables connecting the red grove port with units with a red grove connector (I2C),
    connecting the black grove port with units with a black grove connector (digital, analog),
    connecting the blue grove port with units with a blue grove connector (serial, RS432).

  • You want UNbuckled "Grove" connectors to fit all M5Stack devices. For example, the M5StickC-Plus will accept both unbuckled and bucked connectors, but the Core2 will only accept an unbuckled connector. If you have the buckled type, you can always cut the clip off so it will fit.

    Generically, these connectors are called "HY2.0-4P" although nearly all vendors sell them as "Grove".

    There's no standard for the Vcc and logic levels! So make sure your devices match. M5Stack devices supply 5V on the red conductor, but the logic levels are 3.3V.

  • HY2.0-4P or grove connectors,
    VH3.96 for the orange connectors.

  • thanks to all that replied

    @M5S: you should, as every industrial equipment provider, give clear info about the connectors to use. I need a code to slap into DigiKey search & get the product!!! :-)

  • @caterpillaraoz They do on the product page and the product document page.