Core2 buttons don't work after M5.Lcd.setRotation(3)?

  • I have a sketch that calls M5.Lcd.setRotation(3). After I do this, the Core2 touch buttons no longer work. Actually, they still work, but they have moved down about 50 pixels into the visible area of the screen (with setRotation(3) the buttons etched on the faceplate are at the top of the screen.) Is this a known issue?

  • Guys at M5Stack… come on folks, we really need answers to these type of questions please. We’ve invested in your devices, please reciprocate with Informa and answers when asked. Thanks.

  • Late reply, but you can just create your own buttons using the untransformed coordinate system and the generic Button interface as a workaround. Use negative-Y values to let you specify the areas where the Core2 "buttons" are painted on (the origin point is about -40 Y.) For example, the following creates three buttons roughly where the Core2 "buttons" are:

    Button BtnFreeze = Button(10, -40, 87, 40);
    Button BtnCal = Button(117, -40, 87, 40);
    Button BtnBright = Button(224, -40, 87, 40);

    if you #include <M5Core2.h> you will get the generic Button interface as above.

    That being said, I'm finding the Core2 touch screen to be somewhat flaky. Sometimes I have to tap over and over again to get a response, other times it just works.

  • @themusicman This is "The Community" website supported by user volunteers.
    You should raise an Issue over on the M5Stack Github page,

  • @teastain said in Core2 buttons don't work after M5.Lcd.setRotation(3)?:

    @themusicman This is "The Community" website supported by user volunteers.
    You should raise an Issue over on the M5Stack Github page,

    Hi Terry, sure will do. I simply followed the links on the official M5Stack page where 'Forum' is listed under the 'Explore' menu hence considered this an official forum of M5Stack. There's no indication on the M5Stack page that this is anything other than an official page of theirs, quite misleading many would agree I am sure, especially considering each of the other links on that page head to official M5Stack pages such as GitHub, News, YouTube etc.

    In any event, many thanks for the clarification that this is a site run by the community, that's good to know.

    Also, unfortunately, on GitHub I see infrequent replies to issues posted. It appears M5Stack are not particularly supportive to customers when it comes to official replies to issues. I've returned a device to the company I bought it from which was purchased only last week due to what appears to be a strange and possible design issue where the M5Core2 device is unable to be placed into BOOT mode in order to recover/restore factory settings. At £45... bricked after a week is not something I expected for what is essentially a very high spec ESP32 board!

    The issue I have overall with M5Stack is that their devices are not cheap low cost £3.50 ESP32 boards, they are quite expensive items relative to what they are and as such M5Stack don't appear to run an acceptable official after-sales support service. This makes this community even more valuable.

    Thanks again Terry.