Display 13.2 Module (M126) issue with a HDMI display

  • Hello,
    I have one of the new Display 13.2 Modules (M126). I've been able to get the example program working with a few different HDMI displays but I have a smaller HDMI display where I cannot get to display anything. This is a new module and I can't find any information on troubleshooting steps. Besides resolution and refresh rate, what other settings can I play around with?

    static M5ModuleDisplay display(800, 480, 60);

    Thank you in advance!

    Here is the debug log output:

    rst:0x1 (POWERON_RESET),boot:0x17 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
    configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
    mode:DIO, clock div:2
    entry 0x400805e4
    [ 7][D][esp32-hal-cpu.c:244] setCpuFrequencyMhz(): PLL: 480 / 2 = 240 Mhz, APB: 80000000 Hz
    [ 455][I][esp32-hal-psram.c:96] psramInit(): PSRAM enabled
    [ 489][I][M5GFX.cpp:482] init_impl(): [M5GFX] [Autodetect] load from NVS : board:3
    [ 490][I][esp32-hal-i2c.c:75] i2cInit(): Initialising I2C Master: sda=21 scl=22 freq=100000
    [ 495][D][M5GFX.cpp:694] autodetect(): [M5GFX] AXP192 found
    [ 503][D][M5GFX.cpp:445] _read_panel_id(): [M5GFX] [Autodetect] read cmd:04 = ff0000e3
    [ 508][I][M5GFX.cpp:787] autodetect(): [M5GFX] [Autodetect] M5StackCore2
    [ 635][I][esp32-hal-i2c.c:75] i2cInit(): Initialising I2C Master: sda=21 scl=22 freq=100000
    [ 636][V][Touch_FT5x06.cpp:63] _check_init(): [FT5x06] CIPHER:0x64 / FIRMID:0x10 / VENDID:0x11
    [ 641][I][esp32-hal-i2c.c:75] i2cInit(): Initialising I2C Master: sda=21 scl=22 freq=100000
    [ 686][D][M5ModuleDisplay.h:111] init_impl(): [LGFX] pkg:0
    [ 687][D][M5ModuleDisplay.h:136] init_impl(): [LGFX] ModuleDisplay with Core2/Tough
    [ 688][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:435] init(): [M5HDMI] i2c port:1 sda:21 scl:22
    [ 695][I][esp32-hal-i2c.c:75] i2cInit(): Initialising I2C Master: sda=21 scl=22 freq=100000
    [ 704][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:442] init(): [M5HDMI] Chip ID: 17 02 e2

    [ 709][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:448] init(): [M5HDMI] Resetting HDMI transmitter...
    [ 718][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:108] LOAD_FPGA(): [M5HDMI] Erase FPGA SRAM...
    [ 731][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:124] LOAD_FPGA(): [M5HDMI] Starting Writing to SRAM...
    [ 1222][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:168] LOAD_FPGA(): [M5HDMI] SRAM Prog Finish...
    [ 1222][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:460] init(): [M5HDMI] Waiting the FPGA gets idle...
    [ 1225][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:473] init(): [M5HDMI] FPGA ID:48 44 00 03
    [ 1231][I][Panel_M5HDMI.cpp:480] init(): [M5HDMI] Initialize HDMI transmitter...
    [ 1574][I][M5GFX.cpp:482] init_impl(): [M5GFX] [Autodetect] load from NVS : board:3
    [ 1575][I][esp32-hal-i2c.c:75] i2cInit(): Initialising I2C Master: sda=21 scl=22 freq=100000
    [ 1580][D][M5GFX.cpp:694] autodetect(): [M5GFX] AXP192 found
    [ 1590][D][M5GFX.cpp:445] _read_panel_id(): [M5GFX] [Autodetect] read cmd:04 = ff0000e3
    [ 1593][I][M5GFX.cpp:787] autodetect(): [M5GFX] [Autodetect] M5StackCore2
    [ 1751][I][esp32-hal-i2c.c:75] i2cInit(): Initialising I2C Master: sda=21 scl=22 freq=100000
    [ 1752][V][Touch_FT5x06.cpp:63] _check_init(): [FT5x06] CIPHER:0x64 / FIRMID:0x10 / VENDID:0x11

  • Hello@admiralmaggie

    It depends on the type of HDMI Display.

    Not Display Module 13.2, but...
    For ATOM Display and TOSHIBA REGZA:

  • Thanks @macsbug . In addition to resolution and refresh rate, is there anything else I can play around with?

  • Global Moderator

    Resolution and refresh rate depend on the monitor being used. If variable, the resolution can be changed.
    However, some monitors have a fixed resolution and refresh rate, in which case it is necessary to match the monitor specifications.

  • Warning
    The display 13.2 , in the 1920x1080 mode, seems limited to 24 frames/seconde
    It does not accept 50 or 60 frames.
    One of my monitors does not accept 24 frames/seconde.