UIFlow Source

  • Is UIFlow open source? Can people contribute back blocks? etc.

  • No and yes.
    UIFlow is supposed to be open source but the current version has no available sources.
    UIFlow is built on Micropython and so you can develop your own blocks and submit them or make available to users via GitHub.

  • Are their guides out there on loading just micro python say the m5stack core2? What functionality, if any would be lost?

    Where I'm at now is I have a fully functional program, but I can't seem to find any way to ditch the uiflow splash screen on the device, and the three options it shows on boot.

  • I'm working on a book for the M5Stamp C3 using MP1.19.1

    Going mainstream means a slimmer lighter faster MP but you loose access to the M5Stack specific libs and have to look for alternatives.