6060-PUSH Feed Speed & Calibration

  • Hi, there is no documentation on the feed speed command. (ID???:F????\r\n).
    Does anybody know what the default value is and what speed it represents?
    On a side note , I have determined that there seems to be a discrepancy between the mm values entered using the Move (:X) command and the actual distance travelled on my unit. If I enter ID123:X40.0\r\n the motor travels to 50 mm (for example).That is 50mm from the position it returns to when you send Find Zero. Have others found this to be the case?
    Is this consistent for each 6060-PUSH unit?
    Thanks in advance!

  • The distance inaccuracies are due to the stepper motors performance and like with 3d printers, you need to fine tune movements for accuracy.

  • Thanks for the reply. Actually that has not been my experience with stepper motors. As long as you know the pitch (mm/rev) and the step count (steps/mm) I have found them to be pretty accurate.
    I will be able to deal with the this by mapping the values to correct, but I was hoping this would at least be consistent otherwise each has to be manually calibrated.
    I really like this little stepper motor, especially for the price. It also looks like it could be easily modified to extend the length by replacing the 1515 aluminum extrusions and the screw rod.

  • @robjasey It can as you estimated be extended by replacing the the lead screw and 1515 extrusion.
    Apparently the lead screw is only glued to armature.

  • I disassembled one last night and the confirmed what you said. I took a look on Aliexpress and it appears that 200mm and 300mm stepper motors (ie. T8 lead screws attached) are fairly inexpensive, so no need to remove screw from the motor. Just need to confirm the model with the correct motor height (40mm ) and pitch.
    FYI I am using this motor to build a portable macro photography rig.

  • @robjasey Cool, can't wait to see the finished project and please consider writing it up and posting to hackster.io which is where you can find a turntable project of mine.