Using M5stack IR module in UART mode

  • Dear all,

    following this question, I built a simple setup to build a smart meter IR reading system. I use the M5stack ATOM lite. Using an third-party IR reading head on pins 33 (RX) and 25 TX) switched to UART mode, I receive messages.

    Now a more mature setup would be the M5stack IR module. I bought one, connected it to the GROVE interface and simply changed the UART pins to those of the GROVE, i.e. pin 32 (RX) and 26 (TX).

    Unfortunately, I get no readings form the M5 IR module. On the UART debug, I only receive weird data.

    Is the M5 module maybe not usable for UART? Or is the GROVE port the issue (while the docs note that the port is available for UART)?

    Thanks for help!