UiFlow 2.0 discuss(how-to, bug, feature request or sometings)

  • Hello @IAMLIUBO

    M5CoreS3 - UIFlow2 alpha 21 - SDCard issues:

    • the Init SDCard with block has everything pre-selected correctly except for CS. It should be GPIO4 (not GPIO3).
    • when the program is Run a second time, it stops at the Init SDCard with block. I guess that is because the SDCard has already been initialized. After that the M5CoreS3 needs to be reset manually. What am I missing?

    Apart from that I can access the SDCard and show the listing on the screen.


  • 0_1690037139353_IMG_5818.jpg
    Graphics functions are not lining up.

  • @jhd2023

    yeah, but we need support lvgl first. if don't use lvgl it's very hard to manage the multiple pages.....

  • @joeoakes said in UiFlow 2.0 Alpha verison discuss(how-to, bug, feature request or sometings):

    Is there an estimated date when micropython code deploying/running using UiFlow 2.0 to the S3 will be supported? All our projects are written in micropython for the S2 and we cannot migrate over to the S3.

    We already support many S3 boards, if you are use micropython develop the device, i think it will very easy migrate to S3, because micropython API is cross-platform?

  • No RGB LED in Units.
    Can you also add the ability to use HSL colour values to the RGB LED (as well as the existing RGB/Hex/Palette modes)?

  • Let me start by saying that I love the way UIFlow2 is going. It seems a lot more logical (with the ability to include selected software / hardware / etc features). With that said, I do have a few questions related specifically to the Atom S3 (with the display):

    • Any idea when (if?) the new Atomic QR-Reader will be added to UIFlow 2 (or docs for using it with the UART options)? I haven't had any luck with it so far (couple of hours playing around with it).

    • Is the LED light (behind the "reset" button) accessible? If I try to use the LED (BuiltIn) it throws an error.

    • I have a use case for the Atom S3 as a clock in an environment with no WiFi. The "RTC" functionality seems to "work" but isn't battery backed up. I've added a "Songhe DS3231SN Real Time Clock Module AT24C32" from Amazon that communicates via I2C (and has a rechargeable battery) but the RTC hardware doesn't have a way to point to the external RTC (seems to be pointing to the internal or maybe just pulling from WiFi when I have WiFi). Suggestions?

  • @iamliubo said in UiFlow 2.0 Alpha verison discuss(how-to, bug, feature request or sometings):


    Hi Liubo,

    • there is problem using the webpage UIFLow 2.0 on IOS: it is not possible to create or modify an UI item (it is working on UIFlow 1)...
    • more generally, what is the most efficient way to fill a bug report for UIFlow 2.0

    Thanks, Pascal

  • I have a Servo2 with Core2 but I don't see it in "Modules".
    Can you please add it so we can use it?

  • Several screen pages desired.

    Suggest to have several pages with different elements on them (like the scenes in Scratch) so it's easy to create a multi page application.

    Then an UI instruction for switchToPage(n) would disable and hide all elements but the ones pertaining to that page, potentially applying also separate background color.

  • EzData2 Debugger wanted

    It would be great to have an EzData2 HMI such as we had in EzData1 "debugger".

    Thanks for such a great job!

  • This post is deleted!

  • RGB software element is not working - color can't be changed

  • Core2 firmware - start screen doesn't refresh User account until navigated out and back in

  • Device manager - apps - ability to open app in editor needed.

    I tend to store there the apps, so I'd like to load them from device same as in UiFlow1

  • Slider unit missing

  • Perhaps previously reported, but I don't see the "red port" rotary encoder unit (U135) in UIFLOW2. Any ideas?





    do developers of UIFlow are reading M5Stack Community Forum, to take into account the bugs we can encounter, or is there any special bug report to do somewhere else?

    I notified few months ago and also recently, that UIFlow 2.0 doesn't work with Apple IOS, while UIFlow 1.12 works correctly, in term of creating designing UI items...

    Thank you for your feedback


  • Hi there,

    Sorry I just need a confirmation: Alpha-26: Is it right built-in Infrared is not (yet, hopefully) supported on the M5StickC PLUS? I cannot find IR in the integrated hardware menu.

    Also, I have noticed support for M5StickC Plus 2 , is it an upgraded M5StickC Plus not out yet? I am very interested ;)

    Thanks for your answers!

  • Hi @erich,

    There's a snippet here about StickPlus2

    Also interested, but it seems a limited spec change to overcome obsolescence. If there is work being done on the IR code blocks, it would be a nice feature to get full NEC IR code support.

  • @gavin67890 thanks a lot for the link!

    I agree it does not look much different from the current stickcplus. Also I see it was supposed to be launched end of July… let’s wait and see