M5Stack programming with Visual Studio Code in Linux

  • I'm trying to use Visual Studio Code with an M5Stack Core 2, in Fedora Linux.
    VSC and Fedora are fully updated/restarted/etc.

    After an initial issue getting the "Add M5Stack" to appear (see https://community.m5stack.com/topic/2993/core2-with-visual-studio-code ) I can connect through VSC (as /dev/ttyACM0). I can "reset" the device using VSC. However, after creating a simple py program - print("Hello m5") - and I click the solid right-arrow at the top right of VSC, that's labeled "Run in M5Stack", I get the following error:
    "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'sendCommand') "

    After resetting the M5, I get a screen telling me to download UIFLow

    0_1671243772572_Screenshot from 2022-12-16 21-22-14.png

    I've done that, but it keeps asking me to. Perhaps installed incorrectly?

    Any help appreciated.


  • Dunno about the issue but every time you send code to the core in VSCode, Unless the code is micropython, the firmware gets wiped as the code works direct without the micropython interpreter.

  • My code consists of a single line:

    print("Hello m5")

    Are you suggesting clicking "Run in M5Stack" with that code would cause my trouble?