Question about servos

  • Are there any servos out there that are capable of reporting back what their current angle is? I know there are ways of tracking with code and other tricks, I'm just curious if there is a servo that will tell you if asked.

  • @delchi RC servos are local closed loop (under their shell body) and will accurately go where you command, but as you know they do not provide feedback, like a Motion Control or Robotic servo. You have to trust that you sent it to 45 degrees and that it made it, but if it binds on the load you will not know. You may have to attach a encoder to that axis, like an Industrial Robot.

  • That's some good info. Is it possible that if it binds that it can cause the controller to shut off? I'm having an issue with that.

    What I ended up doing is making 'servo_init' function that inits the servo making it go to it's home of 90 degrees, then setting a variable and updating it each time I move the servo.

    I'm open to using other servos that keep track of such things, but I dont' see any for sale on the M5stack website and would be clueless on how to attach them / address them.

  • This may help you in this case:

  • Yes and James Briton uses them a lot but I can’t for the life of me remember their name.