Core Third Party Blocks - make available on Fire

  • I have a Fire and was trying out controlling a Tello Drone.

    The third-party block for Tello is available in M5Flow for core but not fire.

    If I configure my fire as a core then the code downloads and works.
    This set of blocks is a library that works over a wifi connection, so should work on any controller.

    Please can you add the 3rd party blocks available to core to the fire (and core2?)

  • @notdodgy the Tello drone functions are developed by @gperelly and I don't know if he has a fire to test.
    The fire and core have slight hardware differences. I'll drop him a message pointing here.

  • @notdodgy glad for your interest, i havent't test Tello custom blocks on Fire yet, but i'm sure it work (tested the python code also on ESP8266). For the moment, if you prefer stay on uiflow setting on Fire, you might follow this step by step instructions on . I explain how load directly at root of your firmware, then load custom block Tello5.m5b, only after that load the TelloTest5.m5f.
    To embed firmly Tello blocks on the Fire firmware, we have to ask our friends of M5Stack, they only have the basic code to include on their micropython release. Hope is all clear, thanks again

  • @glp Thanks, I will check that out.

    It does work if I change the device type to a core, even though it is downloading to a fire.

    Given that it just sends text instructions via a Wi-Fi network connection, it should be portable to any M5Stack controller.

    Ideally UIFlow would let you simply import/include various 3rd party libraries as needed.