UIflow support for Relay module bases?

  • Is there any way to use the M121 4-Channel Relay module in UIFlow?

    Is it going to use the same UIFlow Unit as the U097 4-Relay unit (that connects via Port A i2c)?

    The U097 has some added features (the LEDs, NO and NC) that the M121 does not.

    And if the M121 needs something different, how do I get that integrated with a UIFlow app?

  • Hello @wkearney99

    I don't see 4-Relay module in UIFlow (yet).

    No, I don't think you can use the UIFlow for 4-Relay unit since the I2C registers are different. 4-Relay module uses register 0x10 to control the relay vs. 4-Relay unit uses register 0x11 to control the relay and LED (register 0x10 is a control register).

    Documentation for 4-Relay module. Documentation for 4-Relay unit.

    BTW: you could use the default I2C Master blocks (under Hardwares) to control the 4-Relay module.