TouchZone compilation error 'does not namw a type' ??

  • Why does the example code below giving me this "Compilation error: 'TouchZone' does not name a type; did you mean 'TouchPoint'?"

    M5Touch.h and .cpp both present in M5Core2/src folder, but doesn't contain the word TouchZone.


    I'm trying to create a single digit up/down with up/down swipe gesture (like setting a timer on the Iphone)

  • Hello @Marelli7

    looks like TouchZone has been renamed into Zone.

    BTW: you can embed code with three ``` on a new line before and after the code. Makes it easier for others to copy your code than having to retype it from a picture.

    Zone topHalf(0, 0, 320, 120);


  • @felmue, thanks, also for the ```-tip!!

    After years of programming the ESP32 it takes a lot of time to get familair with the Core2 specifics