M5 Burner is not allowing to publish User custom firmware for M5 Paper.

  • Hello,
    I have written the code in Arduino and created the binary file.
    I have logged in to the M5 burner and tried to upload the user's custom firmware into the M5 burner, but I cannot find the M5 paper in the list of device types (please see the screenshot in the attachment). I want to burn many M5 paper devices so uploading the code one by one from Arduino is very time-consuming.
    Can anyone guide me that what I am doing wrong?
    Is there any other way to burn/upload Arduino code on M5 paper quickly without uploading the code one by one on M5 paper devices from Arduino?


  • @scheduledisplay Hello.
    Did you manage by any chance to use M5Burner to flash your own code written in Arduino?