Double precision floating point for Core2

  • I would like support for double precision floating point to be available as an option on Core2. I am currently working on a design that requires that higher level of precision. You can view this thread “Is Double Precision Floating Point available in micropython on a Core2? (Needed for a GPS project)” under micropython software for details. I believe this is as simple as building a second firmware image which supports double precision floating point. The Pyboard does support this by having 5 different images available for their board supporting different features including double precision floating point. ( ) Micropython does support this option. It appears as a simple change to the mpconfigport.h file. The line MICROPY_FLOAT_IMPL_FLOAT needs to be changed to MICROPY_FLOAT_IMPL_DOUBLE. Here is a link to a post describing doing this for a PI PICO. I am sure there are other commercial or industrial applications that may encounter the same problems I did when dealing with very large and very small numbers in the same calculation. Anyone decoding the uBlox GPS proprietary messages will have a problem calculating an accurate time from these messages.

    Thanks for your consideration.