Ability to share projects

  • Is it possible to make a "Share" button like the one on the Microsoft MakeCode page?
    Sharing a MakeCode project

    Instead of creating an m5f file, you can issue a URL and embed it in other website.
    It would be nice if you could access the URL and see it in a dedicated viewer without having to read the m5f file with UIFlow. If possible, it would be great to be able to re-edit from there.
    If that become possible, I think it is important to issue a new URL after re-editing so that it can be distinguished from the original.


  • The normal routine is to write up a project on hackster.io and post a link to the project page.

  • The normal routine...
    Well, when I say project, I don't mean that kind of project, I just want the ability to share project files.

    Of course, it's great that so many projects are shared on hackster.io.

  • If just the files then you can use GitHub and post a link to the GitHub files

  • Thanks for suggesting various solutions. When I post in the community, it's nice to see kind people like this saying, "There's a way to do this!", "Isn't this the reason?" Thank you very much.
    I didn't mean to talk too much about personal circumstances, but I'm a teacher and last year I used UIFlow and M5StickC Plus to give programming classes to my students.
    As the class progressed, I thought it would be easy for the students to see what the students made each other, and for the teacher during the class, so I made a proposal.
    Separately, even without that function (m5f alone) it was useful in class very much.
    Rather than saying, "There's another solution, so why not use it?"
    It's not very practical to switch between multiple services to use in class.
    It wasn't that I really wanted to realize it or that I was in trouble, but that I was thinking, "How about something like this?"

    But thank you.
    I'm not a native English speaker, so I'm sorry if I didn't convey the finer nuances.

  • @singtaro Ahh Now I Understand!
    For a educational purpose, yes this is a great idea and I know a few users that would find this useful.!

    One thing I have been pushing for a a local version that could be run in a private local network for education purpose and adding this code share would be a really good idea.