Azure IoT Handle Example for Speaker play_cloud command?

  • Anyone know what to put here for the Payload? I want to play a sound with the play_cloud command.



  • I added it to my model so you get a UI field in Azure now for pasting in the cloud wav file URL:


    The command gets to the device but it can't parse it for some reason, get a Data Format Invalid error.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "libs/", line 101, in _msg_deal_task
      File "libs/", line 88, in update
      File "umqtt/", line 80, in check_msg
      File "umqtt/", line 271, in check_msg
      File "umqtt/", line 259, in wait_msg
      File "libs/", line 50, in _on_data
      File "IoTcloud/", line 333, in direct_method_cb
      File "", line 32, in azure_direct_Speaker_play_cloud
      File "hardware/", line 135, in playCloudWAV
      File "hardware/", line 82, in playWAV
    ValueError: Data Format is not valid

  • I also tested this with a local file but get a different error:

    OSError [Errno 2] ENOENT

  • In case anyone else has the same issue...the handler works if you hard-code the path to the Wav file


    but cloud path doesn't work with the same trick, it still gives the Data format is not valid error.