ESPNOW "add peer'' mac adress as vairable

  • In the current UIFLow (offline version 1.0.18 of online version 1.10.1) it is impossible to add a ESPNow peer with the macaddress defined in a variable.

    The goal is to be able to add peers by the mac address received from a broadcasted message.

    • M5Paper as server broadcasts a message to call for devices taht he might be able to 'command'
    • M5AtomLight as clients store the server address, add a peer directly to server and send their setup in a json towards the server
    • the server (m5paper) stiores the device in a dictionary and adds buttons to the touchscreen with devices functionalities

    when user presses any of those buttons on the touch e-ink, the correct command is send towards the correct client to let if process some functionality