Home Server Environmental monitoring

  • I've been out of programming for about 30+years, and never really into IoT, buy not after seeing what SSP32's can do, thanks to DavesGarage a YouTube Channel, I like to start a project I had in mind for a little while no, but of course I no idea where to start.

    I like to setup up environmental monitoring my home server room, I been using a red alert setup, however, it's quite underwhelming and seems flaky as best, so i like to make a suitable replacing, I like to monitor

    • 3 Independent power (on/off and voltage)
    • Outside/Inside Temperature and humidity
    • 3 ESXI Servers (Heartbeat)
    • Several IPs can be pinged.
    • Door Open/Closed (read switch already in place)
    • like to use the light tower if possible the rest is disposable,
    • Ethernet network connectivity.
    • Battery backup just in case.
    • with Information compiled to a json file
    • I like basic stats shown on a 10"+ LCD with the server room

    I would appreciate any pointer, be gentle it my first time :)