UIFlow V1.9.9

  • V1.9.9

    new features
    • UNIT EXT.IO2 support
    • HAT 8SERVO V1.1 support
    • HAT BALAC DIY KIT support
    Bug fix
    • UNIT 4-RELAY bug fix.

    Announcement For Core2 and Tough

    In order to reduce the size of the firmware, we had to disable some of the built-in fonts. We have disabled some fonts in V1.9.8, but we didn't tell you(It's our mistake). After V1.9.9, we only support the following fonts, but we are working on another way that can make you load font from file system dynamic.

    FONT_MONT_10 = lv.font_montserrat_10
    FONT_MONT_14 = lv.font_montserrat_14
    FONT_MONT_18 = lv.font_montserrat_18
    FONT_MONT_22 = lv.font_montserrat_22
    FONT_MONT_26 = lv.font_montserrat_26
    FONT_MONT_30 = lv.font_montserrat_30
    FONT_MONT_34 = lv.font_montserrat_34
    FONT_MONT_38 = lv.font_montserrat_38
    FONT_MONT_48 = lv.font_montserrat_48
    FONT_UNICODE_24 = lv.font_PHT_unicode_24


  • still can not download v1.99 by M5Burner?

  • Hello @mengxiyou

    I had to download M5Burner v3 to be able to download / burn v1.9.9 or newer.


  • It shows Montserrat 10 in Uiflow,
    but when trying to use it in Micro Python getting an error:
    NameError: name 'FONT_MONT_10' isn't defined