UIFlow 1.9.7

  • v1.9.7

    new features:

    • ZH-CN:

      • UNIT BUZZER 支持
      • MODULE COM.X GSM 支持
    • EN:

      • UNIT BUZZER support
      • MODULE COM.X support

    Bug fix:

    • ZH-CN:

      • UNIT DDS 错误修复
      • NB-IOT & DTU NB-IOT CoAP 错误修复
      • M5PAPER 图像和矩形 错误修复
    • EN:

      • UNIT DDS bug fix.
      • NB-IOT & DTU NB-IOT CoAP bug fix.
      • M5PAPER image and rectangle bug fix.

  • Could it be that the firmware update for 1.9.7 is not yet released? If so, when will this be the case? Or is there a possibility to revert the version of uiFlow to 1.9.6 which I am not aware of?

  • @m5stack
    please support MODULE COM.X LTE DATA in a next firmware release.

  • Not a bug per say but more of a visual suggestion.
    The last block(Get Label Width) in the core2's LVGL Table block needs moving about 5 pixels in to light up with the other blocks.

    0_1652465370649_Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 19.07.04.png

  • Can you implement the LVGL image resize routines as blocks please?

  • Hi guys

    in UiFlow the IoTBaseCatM module can only be used if a SIM card has been inserted. In other words the non IoT related ports (e.g. Modbus) cannot be used w/o SIM card inserted. The reason for that is that as part of the initialization catmiot = module.get(module.CATMIOT) an AT+CPIN? command is sent every 6 seconds forever since w/o SIM card inserted the response from the SIM7080 is ERROR.