switches from USB mode to app mode

  • I can successfully load and run examples ONCE in USB or internet mode. Then the M5core2 switches to app mode and I have to return to burner and switch the config back to USB.

    How to I eliminate this hassle and run several examples in sequence?

    Still awaiting help on my missing touch on my AWS core2.

    Bo W4GHV

  • Hello @W4GHV

    UiFlow offers two options: Run and Download. What you want is Run - see below explanation.

    Run is used to just try out the current code by temporarily downloading it into the device and executing it. Using Run does not switch mode - the device stays in Internet mode. If the device was to be reset or power cycled the code would be 'lost'.

    In contrast, Download permanently downloads the current code into the device, switches to App mode and executes the code. If the device was to be reset or power cycled the downloaded code would be executed again.


  • @felmue Thank you VERY MUCH. Now I can have lots of fun/learning (without touch function, which is not working).

  • Also, if your sketch has any code that uses Wifi, your device will disconnect from UIflow. It will not reconnect when your sketch is finished. To work around this I keep the M5Burner open; when you click on "configure" it will reset the device via USB. Even then, your device will not connect right away, so go down to the lower left corner of the UIFlow window and clock on "Reconnect".

    "App Mode" and "Download" are most useful when you are done testing your code.