Robotic Arms powered by M5stack

  • Hey guys, we’re Elephant Robotics.
    Our team focuses on collaborative robots and with open-source software integrating for M5stack, Raspberry Pi & Arduino ecosystem, etc.
    Here are some products we developed with M5stack basic and Atom, hope you can give us some advice to improve these products.
    myCobot280-M5stack is the smallest and lightest 6-DOF collaborative robot in the world. Small in size and powerful in function, it can be matched with a variety of end effectors to suit a variety of application scenarios. It supports secondary development based on your ideas, and it can be realized by exerting your imagination and hands-on ability.
    alt text
    Here you can explore more information about the myCobot280-M5Stack
    You can also see myCobot open-source code here
    myPalletizer260-M5stack is also a desktop robotic arm. Unlike myCobot, it is a four-axis robotic arm. It is also developed based on the M5stack basic and atom. We also provide a lot of open-source code for this. It can also enjoy secondary development.
    Here you can explore more information about the myPalletizer260-M5stack
    You can also see myPalletizer open-source code here

    These robotic arms support Drag and Teach function. We have a ‘Drag and Teach’ python script run on the M5stack, so now this function can be provoked by pressing only a few buttons beside the screen.
    See demonstration here
    There are many useful functions, such as the zero position detection of the robot arm. The development of M5 is powered by its visual development, which enables many beginners to quickly start developing their robots. The seemingly simple development also has many characteristics. You are welcome to discuss with us the problems of M5 development and Suggestion, let's enjoy robotic world together.

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