CoreInk example does not compile

  • Hello,
    I have a M5-CoreInk and am trying out the example source code provided in the docs.

    When I compile the source code with Arduino, I get the following error. Probably an issue with my setup. Can you please help me?

    Arduino: 1.8.19 (Linux), Board: "M5Stack-CoreInk, Default, 921600, None"
    /home/axelle/Arduino/libraries/M5-CoreInk/src/M5CoreInk.cpp: In member function 'int M5CoreInk::begin(bool, bool, bool)':
    /home/axelle/Arduino/libraries/M5-CoreInk/src/M5CoreInk.cpp:23:33: error: call of overloaded 'begin(int, int, int)' is ambiguous
             Wire.begin(32, 33, 10000);
    In file included from /home/axelle/Arduino/libraries/M5-CoreInk/src/utility/BM8563.h:4,
                     from /home/axelle/Arduino/libraries/M5-CoreInk/src/M5CoreInk.h:8,
                     from /home/axelle/Arduino/libraries/M5-CoreInk/src/M5CoreInk.cpp:1:
    /home/axelle/.arduino15/packages/m5stack/hardware/esp32/2.0.2/libraries/Wire/src/Wire.h:79:10: note: candidate: 'bool TwoWire::begin(int, int, uint32_t)'
         bool begin(int sda=-1, int scl=-1, uint32_t frequency=0); // returns true, if successful init of i2c bus
    /home/axelle/.arduino15/packages/m5stack/hardware/esp32/2.0.2/libraries/Wire/src/Wire.h:80:10: note: candidate: 'bool TwoWire::begin(uint8_t, int, int, uint32_t)'
         bool begin(uint8_t slaveAddr, int sda=-1, int scl=-1, uint32_t frequency=0);
    exit status 1
    Error compiling for board M5Stack-CoreInk.
    This report would have more information with
    "Show verbose output during compilation"
    option enabled in File -> Preferences.
    • I have added the libraries M5-CoreInk 0.0.2, M5GFX 0.0.17 and M5Unified 0.0.4 (not sure if I need the last 2).
    • I have added the board manager
    • My selected board is M5Stack-CoreInk
    • My CoreInk seems to be functioning correctly, currently I have the UIFlow screen on it with the API Key.

    Note anyway that the issue is with compiling the code. I haven't even gone past that step to push it on the device.

  • Hello @aafortinet

    download the latest version of the M5CoreInk library. This bug has been fixed here.


  • @felmue thanks! It works fine after the update :)