UIFlow web and fonts

  • Hi

    On Core2 with firmware 1.9.1, but maybe it was before...

    it seems that UIFlow web doesn't offer the choice of different fonts...

    And if code generated by UIFlow application, it seems then that UIFlow web scratches the choice of the font made in UIFlow application...

    Can someone confirm, or did I missed something

    Thank you, Pascal

  • Hello @flex

    afaik some fonts (sizes) have been dropped in more recent UiFlow firmware due to lack of memory space.


  • Thanks for feedback Felix

    In fact, with FW 1.9.1, seems there is just one, which is extra small, impossible to use...


  • Yes - this is true, I lost my fonts in new SW revisions as well. My old programs stopped working after FWupdate, so I had to change all my current programs to stay-in-track.
    It is a pity - I am not sure it was the best decision to cut the original fonts in favor of new "hot" features. Good luck to others.

  • The problem is not just “hot features” it’s hardware support and MP version upgrades. M5Stack are aware of issues with the current firmware as I keep annoying them about duplicates and bad libs