UI-Flow and COM.X LoRaWAN 868 module

  • Hi,

    in UI-Flow, for the COM.X LoRaWAN modules, I just see the access to the 470 MHz and 915 MHz versions.

    I have the 868 MHz version (European)...

    Did I miss something, Should I take the 915 MHz ?

    Thank you in advance


  • Hello @flex

    afaik the 868 MHz version isn't supported directly in UiFlow with specific blocks for that module, but you can always use the standard UART blocks to send AT commands to the module. This tutorial should get you started.


  • @felmue

    Thanks for your feedback, I will use that way then...


  • How did you get on? I've just picked up one of these and even though I believe I am using the right commands, I can't be sure if its not working or I'm just not near enough to a gateway.

    Really disappointing its not un UI flow as I am very new. :)

  • Bump, i have bought the module and can't seem to connect to a lora gateway, ive tried so many libraries it's a headache, @m5stack Please fix this, i've tried uart but it always ends up with no gateway join channel fail.

    Also, where is the Atom DTU Lite Lora Gateway .ino? Where you can sign up to the thing network with wifi and send/receive lora messages for lora nodes using the lora module com.x 868...?

    M5stack team seem to be making products and no real place for the real libraries that take advantage of the technology that's meant to be Fast Development, yet i spend hours and hours just looking and testing! Annoying! Fix your libraries @m5stack

  • Hello @Asmodev

    setting up LoRaWAN can be difficult.

    Could you give us a bit more information about which COM.X LoreWAN 868 module you are using? There are two versions (v1 - SKU:M031-C and v2 - SKU:M031-C4) and they use a different set of AT commands (unfortunately).

    Secondly, are you using your own LoRaWAN TTN gateway? If not, are you positive you are close enough to a public LoRaWAN TTN gateway? (I've seen quite a few LoRaWAN TTN gateways being transformed into LoRaWAN Helium gateways.)

    Thirdly, are you positive the AppEui, DevEui and AppKey are properly setup (assuming you are using OTAA)? You get this information from within the TTN setup page.

    And lastly, if you are using an M5Core2 then you'll need to power the COM.X LoRaWAN 868 module from an external power supply. From the docs:
    When used with Core2 series main control, due to the different order of the base pin array, COM.X base pins TX(16), RX(17) correspond to the actual pins TX(14), RX of the Core2 main control (13) The equipment needs to use external DC for power supply.


  • @felmue What power supply should i give it? it’s the black version 868
    Using Core 2 and also using a lorawan dtu atom lite

  • Hello @Asmodev

    well, the COM.X LoRaWAN 868 documentation for version 1 and version 2 says: DC Input 5 - 12 V

    I personally have the COM.X LoRAWAN 868 version 1 and I use a 9 V power supply.

    BTW: both COM.X LoRAWAN 868 versions are black.

    Re: ATOM DTU LoRaWAN868: I don't have that device, so I am afraid I cannot help you with that.


  • @felmue, it does not have the sticker, so I'm going to assume it's version 2 based on that.