Is the running?

  • The web IDE is running but I can't push anything to my M5 device.

  • @pieter no, you DONT need a chinese server, that's whats puzzling. But what I am wondering is these elements put together:

    I can see, but not connect to any M5
    My preprogrammed M5's are running their LOCAL code stuff (ligthing, buttons etc), but NOT communicating through MQTT - maybe they don't have connection at all, but WHY would THEY loose connection? Why on earth is their network capabilities suddenly lost?

    Maybe, I thought, there's a server somewhere keeping track of API keys or something - like a DNS - and that ones broken?

    So MQTT works with a server yes, but that can be ANY server ready to distribute messages from IOT devices.
    There's a few free ones for testing, ie But in my school, I've set up a server myself, so we can go nuts without breaking stuff. It's super reliable and fun to use.

  • Hello @simmoe

    Maybe, I thought, there's a server somewhere keeping track of API keys or something - like a DNS - and that ones broken?

    I think you are correct. It seems to be yet another endpoint which seems to be down too. In the browser debug log I see a response 500 for (XXXXXXXX being the API key).


  • I think we should seriously get together and demand an update of the local IDE. If at any time the company should go out of business we would all be left with a drawer full of useless paperweights.

  • @lmartu68 I have been constantly requesting offline versions and dedicate isolated online servers for things like education and training.

    @felmue is down for the 2.0.0 rebuild.

  • @ajb2k3
    im developing on visual studio now which could be a valid alternative to the online ide.
    What's the protocol to save a py file to the permanent memory and load at startup?
    I can only upload, but it doesn't persist between reboots.

  • @lmartu68
    I'm not sure what the actual file order is as my memory is hopeless but there are 2 files I think called and and one has to be overwritten.
    if you didn't realise, the name is shortened from temporary as in none persistent file.

  • @simmoe Thanks. I ordered the MQTT Unit with RJ45 Port (W5500) and will see what happening.

  • @lmartu68 I agree. Also my company will PAY to have a copy of the API hosted locally. Name your price!

  • @wkibler you need to make this offer direct to M5STACK. I have been pushing and teachers have been asking but if you make a finical offering they that could tip the scales into getting one.
    I asked for a RpI based private host.