M5 unitV2 Code Detector showing only server_log.txt

  • I received the M5 unitV2 and with an up to date firmware, the "Code Detector" feature of the camera isn't working as defined. Basically the camera display isn't showing the found QR codes. But I found the internal file "server_log.txt" is printing out that it finds them.

    But the error reported is (with example QR = "http://qr.com")
    [line:311] - WARNING: pipe_result_rx_queue full, discard: b'{"code":[{"prob":0.943542421,"x":335,"y":125,"w":90,"h":96,"type":"http://qr.com,"content":""}],"num":1,"running":"Code Detector"}'

    I'm new to this forum and didn't know where else to report this information.

    Also, does anyone have pointers to startup an MQTT client?