Matters Thread Support

  • there are already first components and certain GIT on the subject matters thread. will the new iot standard format also be promptly available via uiflow?

  • In order to have support for Matter, you will first need to release hardware with ESP32-H2. So far, deliveries of this chip have been announced for the first quarter of 2022 from Espressif. So we'll see if and when M5stack will do something on this chip :). IEEE 802.15.4 and bluetooth 5 support is required (although Elgato EVE, for example, runs on bluetooth 4.2 thread).

  • I doubt it will be for a long while as it is not be ratified yet. Once Matter becomes publicly available and we can use it with Micropython then may be we could get it by December. To be honest I have only just heard a bout matter as “On it’s way but not finalised”