• Did anybody seen similar?
    I have no idea how to repair.

  • Hello @Kabron

    If you cannot download firmware automatically anymore you'll need to force your M5Stack device into download mode manually. Connect a wire between GPIO0 and GND. Then power on the device. It should now be in download mode:

    waiting for download

    When you see that output you can remove the wire and proceed to download new firmware.

    Note: if you do not remove the wire you can still download firmware, but upon resetting the device it will go into manual download mode again instead of running the new firmware.


  • Right, OK, nobody panic!
    There is a bug somewhere that causes a random boot loop to appear in the ESP32 and strangely I had this with a Stamp the other weekend.
    Disconnect everything and leave the controllers unconnected for a while, cold boot the computer and try and flash UIFLow firmware.