• I got this error un UIFlow with your ATOMDTU sample program:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "flow/", line 82, in _exec_fun
    File "<string>", line 41, in <module>
    File "libs/simcom/", line 156, in get_network_registration
    ValueError: need more than 1 values to unpack

  • Hello @MTal

    I assume you're trying the MQTT Test example? Yes?

    I think the command Check network registration is confused about the echo sent from the modem.

    Try moving the command Set command echo mode off before the command Check network registration. E.g. move it right after the command Check module status.


  • @felmue Hello, thank you for your help! If I move the block as you say, it does nothing. Serial monitor doesn't even show the OK after that block. (see attached)


  • Hello @MTal

    upon closer look I don't see how waiting while Check network registration < 6 would make any sense. The command, I guess that it issues, is: AT+CREG which would yield something like: +CREG: 0, 1 if connected to the home network or +CREG: 0, 5 in case of roaming.

    You could add a print of the result code of check network registration to see the value you get. If it's 1 or 5 then the modem is registered to the network and you could change the code accordingly.

    BTW: Interestingly on the product page there is a Chinese version of the UIFlow code which omits the registration check. (I wonder why.)