Software choice for two BLE sensors

  • I'm looking for input on choosing between UIFlow, micropython, and Arduino for my garage smart fan ventilation project. I'm a mechanical engineer by training so have little programming experience compared to most here, but more than most mechanical engineers.

    This project is using a Core2 which will read temperature from two BLE sensors (Inkbird IBS-TH2, one inside the garage and one outside), do some math and logic, then output a PWM signal to the fan. Eventually I hope to implement PID control, but for now it will probably just be proportional. I also hope to have two or three different screens on the Core2 to show current temperature and fan speeds and at least one more screen for settings.

    I've started in UIFlow by trying to get any text from a sensor, but am having errors (Errno 5 EIO). Also, the limited BLE UART functions of UIFlow seem to be very limited and I'm guessing I might need to switch to micropython or Arduino IDE. The UIFlow documentation says the BLE UART functions are only for M5Stack Fire, does that mean they won't work for Core2? I was hoping to read the sensor values similar to what is explained in

    I'm okay learning a new language, but want to start with the right one. Do you suggest I program with UIFlow, micropython, or Arduino for this project? Thanks for your help!