more panels in a APP made with uiflow

  • Hi all,
    I'm a novice of M5stack core2 and it is a straordinary item ..
    One question:
    is possible , using UIFLOW, to have more panels in the same app?
    I mean, iwould create an app like the Demo installed, where if i touche a button i can have different panel with different layout and items.
    Is it possible?

  • @infor_mare Anyone can reply to this post?
    SO i think that it is not possible in M5stack core2 ... no method to change a screen when i push a button??

  • M5Stack

    Nothing is impossible, in UI Flow you can do it by changing the UI coordinate position, but if you have a lot of page. we suggest you use the arduino. (use the canvas buffer to create multi page)

  • Sorry been to busy to check.
    Now way would be to create separate functions for each page but add the screen clean block to the beginning of the function loop.