Change I2C address of joystick module

  • hi,
    does anyone know if it is possible to change the i2c address of a joystick module? I would like to use two joysticks on the port A.
    I am very geartful for any hint..
    thanks and regards

  • Hello @tttttttom

    if I am not mistaken there is no joystick module - did you mean the joystick unit?

    The joystick unit uses an MEGA328P processor inside which most likely has the I2C address programmed in it and I cannot find the source of the firmware running inside the MEGA328. Given that I would say you cannot change the I2C address.

    Your best bet would be a PaHub unit which has been developed exactly to solve that use case.


  • Hello Felix,
    thank you for sharing your knowledge. And yes, my question concerns the joystick UNIT. And yes, I would like to change the i2c address inside the MEGA328P. But the unit you are mentioning is also fine. I will check that ...

  • @felmue is correct here that the PaHub is what needed however,
    There is a header inside that if you solder the pins, the address will change.0_1630333824840_address.png

  • Hello guys

    @ajb2k3 : that is interesting - thanks for sharing.

    @tttttttom : sorry for misleading you.

    Also interestingly these address pins are not mentioned in the schematic.


  • @felmue they are, its just that it takes a bit of comparison work to spot them.
    they appear as R17, R18 and R19.