TimerCam Token "Error Get token failed. Check your network status and retry.."

  • How do I get a token to use with the TimerCam example? I've tried countless times and always get the message "Error: Get token failed. Check your network status and retry.." Obviously my network is fine because I'm posting this question.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @wwhite Some thing for me .. with 2 new TimerCamera F and X

    I (509) ExtInfo: Data read from 0x3ff000 success
    I (513) Network: Setting WiFi configuration SSID AX18 _ 2.4G...
    I (521) phy: phy_version: 4180, cb3948e, Sep 12 2019, 16:39:13, 0, 1
    E (2107) wifi:Association refused temporarily, comeback time 1024 mSec
    I (2849) TIMERCAM: Cam Init Success
    I (4133) Network: Reconnect 1
    I (6180) Network: Reconnect 2
    I (9011) tcpip_adapter: sta ip:, mask:, gw:
    I (9011) Network: got ip:
    I (9014) TIMERCAM: Connect to Wi-Fi Success
    E (9276) HTTP_CLIENT: Connection failed, sock < 0
    E (9277) TIMERCAM: Post to server Failed
    I (9479) TIMERCAM: Cam will wake in next 30 sec
    I (9479) TIMERCAM: Cam deep sleep start

  • Hello! Please help me I still get this error: Check your network status and retry.. I have tried my phone's personal hotspot as well as the house WIFI. But still could not get the token. Please help would really much appreciate the help