Core 2 internal 4pin connector

  • Hi @all!
    I am completely new to the world of developing anything that controls kind of hardware, so please be patient. I used to program backend-services for IoT devices, but never touched the devices in any way :)

    I got the Core2 and now I am searching for a drawing like this:
    M5Stack Core
    Is there any picture like this for the Core 2 - I wasn't able to find one and hope I am not just too stupid to use search engines.

    Espacially I want to know what this 4 pin connector in the inside is.
    It's marked with DM | DP | GND | 5V
    When I google this I end up with USB. Is this kind of an internal USB-Connector?
    What can I use it for?

    Thank you guys!

  • So basically, the question is: what’s that connector for?


  • Hi @fargoblueberry ,
    It connected to the CP2104 USB to serial chip.