offensive security - this could be fun

  • Hi there!

    Yesterday I started to look into a new project as I'm about to apply for a job in offensive security with a boring government agency.
    I've ordered some stuff from Hak5 but I found that I had two ATOM Matrix kicking about doing nothing - that I'd like to explore.

    Would it be possible to turn a ATOM Matrix into a rubber ducky like the one from Hak5? As I understand it, one need to
    set the HID to trick the target computer to think it is a keyboard and then have it to send commands to the target that
    it kindly executes.

    So far I have not gotten very far finding good info on how it is done or if it even can be. I'm not a programmer but a Linux
    SysAdmin, so limited programming skills here but I usually know my way around some operating systems. I verified
    my Matrixes are working fine, tried the UIFlow and Arduino on my Mac and will look at MicroPython today on my old
    Raspberry Pi.

    Any hints on where to start? I did find some interesting stuff on limitedresults, not sure yet if is of any help.
    I only got two devices so it would be nice to not brick them first thing. Google "pwn esp32" and you'll find the pages
    I'm referring to. Perhaps the info on limitedresults is ott and not needed.

    Hav fun!

  • No can do I am afraid.
    The atoms don't have native built in usb.

  • you can try a digispark with attiny85 onboard which can emulate a hid keyboard, but you must investigate if it can send control keys such windows, alt or combination of keys. You can program it with arduino.