Bluetooth in UI Flow

  • Hi Folks,

    I'm new here, just picked up my first device, an M5 Atom Matrix.

    I've spent a day watching videos about UI Flow which is a really neat way to get started. The only notable omission is - no Bluetooth!
    It lists BLE as a feature on the box and it is supported by the processor, but just not exposed in UI Flow.

    This is sad as its a big step from using M5 Burner and UI Flow to get started so easily to now compiling MicroPython and bundling packages into it that I can push down onto the device manually. I really hope I don't end up going to C with PlatformIO to use the device.

    Even if Bluetooth wasn't exposed in UI Flow, but the python bluetooth module was installed in the UIFlow_Matrix image (currently 1.7.6)

  • hmm there is BLE in advance:

  • I've spent a day watching videos about UI Flow which is a really neat way to get started. The only notable omission is - no Bluetooth! It lists BLE .
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  • @mati It seems it's not available for Sticks and Atoms.

  • On the box is says BLE ...
    alt text

    Just not implemented in the UI

  • By way of extension, the bluetooth statck doesnt seem to be in the UI Flow 1.7.6 image for the Atom Matrix:

    configsip: 188777542, SPIWP:0xee
    mode:DIO, clock div:1
    ho 0 tail 12 room 4
    entry 0x4008063c
           _  __ _
     _   _(_)/ _| | _____      __
    | | | | | |_| |/ _ \ \ /\ / /
    | |_| | |  _| | (_) \ V  V /
     \__,_|_|_| |_|\___/ \_/\_/
    APIKEY: <hidden>
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 44, in <module>
    MicroPython a431828aa-dirty on 2021-04-29; M5Stack with ESP32
    Type "help()" for more information.
    >>> help("modules")
    IoTcloud/AWS      hardware/__init__ ucollections      units/_ir
    IoTcloud/Ali      hardware/button   ucryptolib        units/_joystick
    IoTcloud/Azure    hmac              uctypes           units/_laserrx
    IoTcloud/Tencent  i2c_bus           uerrno            units/_lasertx
    IoTcloud/__init__ inisetup          uhashlib          units/_light
    IoTcloud/blynk    libs/__init__     uhashlib          units/_makey
    MediaTrans/TimerCam                 libs/bmm150       uheapq            units/_mlx90640
    MediaTrans/__init__                 libs/bmp280       uiflow            units/_ncir
    MicroWebSrv/__init__                libs/config       uio               units/_op
    MicroWebSrv/microWebSocket          libs/dht12        ujson             units/_pahub
    MicroWebSrv/microWebSrv             libs/easyIO       umqtt/__init__    units/_pbhub
    MicroWebSrv/microWebTemplate        libs/echo         umqtt/robust      units/_pir
    ThirdParty/myCobot/myCobot          libs/emoji        umqtt/simple      units/_relay
    ThirdParty/myCobot/myCobotPro       libs/imu          unit              units/_relay4
    __main__          libs/m5mqtt       unitcam           units/_rfid
    _boot             libs/micropyGPS   units/VFunction/__init__            units/_rgb
    _flow             libs/mpu6050      units/VFunction/_apriltag_code      units/_rgb_multi
    _onewire          libs/mstate       units/VFunction/_bar_code           units/_servo
    _thread           libs/numbers      units/VFunction/_color_track        units/_tof
    _uasyncio         libs/nvs          units/VFunction/_dm_code            units/_tracker
    _webrepl          libs/pca9685      units/VFunction/_face_detect        units/_tvoc
    apa106            libs/pid          units/VFunction/_jpeg_transfer      units/_uhf_rfid
    base/GPS          libs/servo        units/VFunction/_line_tracker       units/_ultrasonic
    base/HDriver      libs/sh200q       units/VFunction/_motion             units/_unitcam
    base/Motion       libs/speak        units/VFunction/_qr_code            units/_uwb
    base/QRCode       libs/timeSchedule units/VFunction/_tag_reader         units/_v_function
    base/Stepmotor    libs/time_ex      units/VFunction/_target_track       units/_vibrator
    base/__init__     libs/urequests    units/_accel      units/_vmeter
    base64            libs/vl53l0x      units/_acsocket   units/_watering
    btree             m5stack           units/_adc        units/_weight
    builtins          m5uart            units/_ameter     uos
    cmath             m5ui              units/_angle      urandom
    collections/__init__                machine           units/_atom_motion                  ure
    collections/defaultdict             math              units/_bps        urllib/parse
    collections/deque max30100          units/_button     urllib/urequest
    comx/lte          menu/__init__     units/_cardKB     uselect
    deviceCfg         menu/cloud        units/_color      usocket
    display           menu/wifi         units/_dac        ussl
    esp               micropython       units/_dds        ustruct
    esp32             modules/_grbl     units/_dual_button                  utils
    espnow            modules/_lorawan_network            units/_earth      utime
    flashbdev         modules/_servo2   units/_env        utimeq
    flow/__init__     neopixel          units/_env2       uwebsocket
    flow/adaptation   network           units/_ext_io     uzlib
    flow/flowDeinit   ntptime           units/_fan        warnings
    flow/m5cloud      ntptime           units/_finger     wav/chunk
    flow/m5ucloud     simpleOTA         units/_gps        wav/wav_player
    flow/protocol     sys               units/_hall       wav/wave
    framebuf          uarray            units/_heart      wifiCfg
    gc                ubinascii         units/_imu6886    wifiWebCfg
    Plus any modules on the filesystem