Core.INK display refresh

  • Hello,

    I just got my I install the NTP-Clock which can refresh the display without any blink. I added a battery sensor the display with code below. the problem I have is some the number is written on top of previous number and make the number not readable. I tried clear the buffer and it make the display even worse that the time number is not readable.

    Could you some point out what is the proper way to write to the display?


    void drawBattery()

    char str[50];
    //TimePageSprite.clear(CLEAR_DRAWBUFF | CLEAR_LASTBUFF);
    sprintf(str, "Bat: %.2f V",batVol);    


  • Are you making sure to leave a 15 second pause between refreshes?

  • I faced common issue with core grey module, made a couple of titles and was feeding formatted data from light sensor and envII module. Had to spend some time playing with delays to make it work properly but was blaming raped micropython build.

    Long things short, don't try to understand it, try adding delays.