M5Stack face Gameboy liquid thermal sensor

  • Hi,

    this is my first "published" project on M5Stack and on github.
    I used Uiflow, I initially wanted to use the Calculator Face but the way it manages the numbers is not very easy so I switched to Gameboy Face.
    it's a thermal sensor for liquids with predefined beverage or liquid (for example tea, coffee, bath...)
    It uses up and down to select a liquid and set the temperature and the time (for the tea for example).
    It uses right and left to manually set the temperature.
    "start" set the alarm on/off
    "A" starts the countdown and "B" stops it.

    For now it's only in french but if it's interesting some people, I can translate it in english.
    You can find it at https://github.com/kilamrauon/m5_sonde_liquide

  • merci pour le partage

  • @kilam Well done, i have similar for STEAM project, i realized a grove interface for onewire ds18b20 to monitor water temp in an aquarium at the same time reading ENV II sensor