M5 StickC Plus - How to access Bluetooth with UIFlow ?

  • According to the data and advertisement the M5StickC Plus has Bluetooth.
    How can I use it with UIFlow ?
    I cannot find the BLE symbols like I have inside the M5Stack Fire.

    Have I to import something ? -- or add a unit or a hat ?


  • Hello @ramaker

    I don't see the BLE symbols either when M5StickC Plus is chosen in UIFlow. I guess that means the M5Stack engineers haven't had the time to add BLE for M5StickC Plus in UIFlow.

    Maybe add this to the ever growing wish list?


  • Unfortunately, BLE does not work on the M5Stack Core2 either. In any case, no scanning is possible!

  • Thank you for the answers.
    I found a video, where somebody is communicating from mobile phone the M5StickC roverc via bluetooth.
    But he used Arduino system.

    Ok - I'll try it with the Arduino environment.


  • @Wolli01 :
    I forgot .....
    In the UIFlow for Core2 I have the blocks for BLE uart.
    But I'll check it too.

  • Yes, but still does not work. I haven't found any code yet how to scan Beacon.

    Arduino goes very well with the Core1 and Core2

  • StickC/Plus do not have BLE option because of the limitations, remember your are loading a big chunk of code called uiflow into it, and besides that you are trying to add BLE.

    All this is accessible directly by Micropython code directly. It is not that the StickC/Plus can not do it. It can, is just that the BLE libraries are not included in the StickC/Plus firmware.

  • @BricoMS
    Thank you for the answer.
    I thought, that the hardware/controller of M5Stick and M5Stack are the same and that MicroPhyton is just another way of displaying the blocks of UIflow.

    I do not understand why M5Stack made no "fair" advertisement/documentation.
    For me it would be "fair" if they would write "ESP32-based support BLE 4.2 and WiFi not compatible with UIFlow""

    I think, for some (many ?) users the UIFlow possibility is an argument for M5Stack/Stick.